5 Simple Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy to Keep in Mind

5 Simple Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy to Keep in Mind

Going through pregnancy is nothing short of a wonderful, roller coaster experience. Whether this is your first pregnancy or not, the magic – and yes, confusion – will always be there. You can breeze through your pregnancy by following these tips, brought to you by Medcal Pharmacy, your premier Fertility Pharmacy in New York!

  • Take prenatal vitamins

    The earliest stages of a pregnancy are one of the most crucial so as to ensure a healthy development for the baby, and this is where taking prenatal vitamins comes in. Discuss with your physician about the different kinds of vitamins you will need to take and in what amounts, because the needs may differ depending on your current physical state. Prenatal vitamins ensure all the important components for a healthy baby!

  • Go easy on yourself

    If you do most of the chores at home, hit the brakes on that! Strenuous activities like heavy lifting and rigorous movement can be harmful and dangerous for you and your baby. Also, make sure you are not exposed to harsh chemicals, like the ones you would normally use to clean around the house. It’s high time to pass on the cleaning duties so you can focus on yourself and the baby you are carrying.

  • Maintain a healthy diet-for-two

    That’s right, you are eating for two people! This would be a good time to really watch out and be careful of what you put into your mouth. Talk to your physician about making a diet plan for you to follow. Ideally, you should stick to foods that contain the essential vitamins for your baby to develop, such as folic acid, omega 3, and calcium. Make sure you know how much of these to take, since too much can actually harm your baby.

  • Regular Exercise

    Keeping yourself physically fit will definitely reap many benefits for you and make your pregnancy and delivery easier. Working out promotes healthy blood circulation, helps you manage your weight gain to healthy levels, and strengthens your muscles as a preparation when the big day comes! Consult your physician before starting, and make sure to know when to stop.

  • Stay vigilant

    While pregnancies can be confusing, it is important to be in tune with your body’s needs and signals. Always have your physician’s contact details at hand, as well as that of your loved ones who can assist you should an emergency arise. If you feel any pain or uneasiness, having your physician check it out is a safety measure.

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