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Protecting You and Your Baby – 5 Things Pregnant Women Should Avoid

Being a pregnant woman is one of the scariest things to experience. You will always have to be on your toes. Your eyes must be constantly peeled. Your senses must be razor sharp. With all the changes happening to your … Continue reading

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Preparing Your Body for Pregnancy and Giving Birth

Pregnancy needs a lot of preparation. Women have to prepare mentally, physically, and emotionally. It is a decision that has to be agreed upon by the couple or by the family. Pregnancy is a stage where a lot can happen … Continue reading

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How Important Is Iron During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the most critical stages in a woman’s life. One has to take care of her health and the health of the baby inside the uterus. That means double effort and double care. During this stage, the … Continue reading

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4 Basic Things You Have to Know About Prenatal Vitamins

Couples who are trying to conceive for a long time will surely be elated once they know that their female partners are pregnant. With this joy and excitement comes the responsibility of ensuring both the mother’s and baby’s health. Why … Continue reading

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Why Are You Not Getting Pregnant?

Do you wish to be a parent soon? Have you been waiting to conceive your little one? Are you having a hard time getting pregnant? Medcal Pharmacy has listed some of the possible reasons why you are not conceiving yet. … Continue reading

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